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Portable Exergame Platform for Active Ageing (PEPE)


PEPE is an easily deployable and configurable platform to promote active ageing through physical training with exergames. The platform includes (i) an augmented reality (AR) component through video projection, (ii) serious games for physical training including aerobic, muscular and neuromotor training, (iii) a wireless sensor to measure grip force for screening the risk of sarcopenia and frailty, (iv) real-time feedback and game adaptation with user’s physiological fitness via motion capture and biosensors, (v) automated assessment of physical fitness level with standard senior fitness tests, and (vi) easy operation and configuration by health professionals in elderly care institutions. Serious games take advantage of AR technology to implement virtual tasks with cultural and historical relevance for the target population. The physical training games are designed to impact positively in daily life activities, promoting autonomy and independence while providing entertainment and sociability to the elderly users.

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