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  • Semi-Finalist: SyncVR
  • Country: Netherlands
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Loneliness amongst seniors is an urgent, growing challenge globally. SyncVR fights this problem through unique, shared VR experiences. Harnessing our excellent user-centered design, effectively developed software and beautiful VR content, SyncVR aims to enrich the lives of thousands of seniors. SyncVR is a Virtual Reality (VR) system that allows elderly people in care institutions to undergo unique experiences – together. With our developed and pilot-tested software, multiple seniors immerse into a different place (in a different time) together and are triggered to connect over things they see and hear, making the connections they make in real life after the VR experience even more special than the VR experience itself. Moreover, SyncVR’s growing content platform gathers unique VR content from global partners, so that lonely seniors can choose to visit inspiring places – from Amsterdam’s museums to Tanzania’s wildlife parks.

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    Elizabeth Mestheneos

    Can we ask if this prize is likely to be on offer next year? We are not yet ready fo make an application.

    • Hi Elizabeth. The AAL challenge prize takes place every two years. The decision on the third edition will be taken in November this year.

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