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Tecla is an assistive device giving individuals with physical disabilities the ability to communicate, control, and connect with the world.

Tecla enables and simplifies access to mainstream technologies, like smartphones, tablets or smart home devices, for individuals with mobility or cognitive impairment. Tecla allows its users to control their iPhone, iPad, Android device, computer or Internet-enabled appliances, using simple and familiar interfaces such as a light touch button, switches activated by blinking or blowing, joysticks or the driving controls of their wheelchairs.

With Tecla, users can take advantage of the multi-functionality of mobile and smart home technology to communicate with family, friends and health professionals and control their environment, allowing them to be more independent at home. Tecla reduces the need for these individuals to acquire multiple dedicated assistive devices.

Tecla promotes more sustainable development, rather than segregated products and services for a population that has difficulty accessing technology due to old age, disease or disability.

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