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  • Semi-Finalist: Walk it!
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Walk it!


An app that allows users to record their walked routes and share these with peers in their community to motivate each other and share interesting experiences.

The walking app uses a community feeling as a social motivator for walking. The application consists of four main functionalities: recording routes, reviewing your personal walking history, seeing the shared routes of others, and creating a list of routes you plan to walk.

The strength of this application lies in connecting to a conventional leisure activity and encouraging senior citizens to be more socially and physically active. The app connects people by shaping a community of people that like to walk, and they can 1) explore new places based on other people’s routes and 2) keep track of their personal walking history. This exploration of new routes is currently facilitated by a Twitter-like wall of routes created by multiple people from your community. On top of this, people can also send and receive individual routes.

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    Elizabeth Mestheneos

    Can we ask if this prize is likely to be on offer next year? We are not yet ready fo make an application.

    • Hi Elizabeth. The AAL challenge prize takes place every two years. The decision on the third edition will be taken in November this year.

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