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  • Semi-Finalist: KeepSocial
  • Country: Greece



KeepSocial is an innovative platform based on a small piece of hardware that fits on a discreet wireless headset. It can identify the precise location and direction of sight of an individual in indoor environments.

It also features a mobile phone background service and a Cloud Platform that orchestrates users, devices and building characteristics. The wearable communicates with the mobile phone service, which streams audio guidance to the headset, being able to precisely detect indoor location, accept audio commands, guide individuals inside buildings (such as airports, malls) and navigate them out in case of emergency.

Building administrators register the location on the platform and upload the building floor maps, Points of Interest etc. The individual receives an alert upon entering a registered building. The system is responsible for responding and navigating the user through audio guidance and also reports any abnormal situations such as falls etc.

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    Elizabeth Mestheneos

    Can we ask if this prize is likely to be on offer next year? We are not yet ready fo make an application.

    • Hi Elizabeth. The AAL challenge prize takes place every two years. The decision on the third edition will be taken in November this year.

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