Orpa delivers programmes focussed on social impact, including a flagship programme, The Mobility Unlimited Challenge. She is currently working on the Smart Ageing Prize. Prior to this role, Orpa was the Research Coordinator at Nesta Challenges, and before this she worked as a Project Coordinator for the Government Innovation team at Nesta. Her very first role at Nesta was as the Research and Analysis Intern. During her time here, she has worked on a wide range of themes including Cities, Disability, Energy and Environment, Education and Skills, Health and Ageing, and International Development.

Before her many roles at Nesta, Orpa worked on an international development research project at the Development Planning Unit for which she travelled to Lima, Peru to investigate the social and environmental issues faced by the urban poor.

In her spare time, Orpa can be found exploring art galleries and museums, and enjoying good food and music at festivals.