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Silverskills platform allows older adults to volunteer for skills-based activities. The platform matches the needs of people looking for services with the skills of older volunteers and puts both parties in contact.

Silverskills gives older people the opportunity to contribute their time and skills to society. This contribution is possible thanks to the utilization of digital technologies as a tool to promote social awareness and community engagement.

The platform enhances self-confidence in the use of ICT tools and also contributes to boosting the acceptance of older people as active agents within the community. The main outcomes and social benefits are supported by a set of technological features including a chat function, a trust rating system and gamification (virtual awards).

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    Elizabeth Mestheneos

    Can we ask if this prize is likely to be on offer next year? We are not yet ready fo make an application.

    • Hi Elizabeth. The AAL challenge prize takes place every two years. The decision on the third edition will be taken in November this year.

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