What is the Smart Ageing Prize?

We've announced the 15 Semi-Finalist teams!

This 50,000 EUR challenge prize is looking for solutions that support, empower and inspire older adults to engage in entrepreneurship. 

Solutions could take a number of forms, such as (but not limited to):

  • Matchmaking applications targeted at older entrepreneurs
  • Career portals or platforms helping older adults navigating into enterprise-related opportunities
  • Intergenerational online learning solutions enabling learning and skills sharing between older and younger people

As well as assessing the technical component, the model behind it will also be assessed, as well as the enabling factor leading to the adoption and active use of the solution by older adults.

What is the Smart Ageing Prize?

Previous Smart Ageing Prizes

This prize is the third edition in the Smart Ageing Prize series.

The first Smart Ageing Prize was awarded in September 2016 to Memoride (formerly Activ84Health Explorer.) This Prize was a €50,000 challenge prize calling for innovations in internet connected devices and technologies (Internet of Things) to stimulate technological innovations that improved older people’s quality of life.

The second Smart Ageing Prize was a €50,000 challenge prize divided into 3 pots – €35,000 for the winner, €10,000 for the first runner up, and €5,000 for the second runner up. KOMP was the winner of the prize, with PlaceCal as first runner up, and How Do I? As second runner up. This prize called for innovations in digital technologies that engage older adults in social and stimulating activities, promoting active and connected ageing.

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