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50 to 100

50 to 100 is a platform that offers membership for older adults to access networks of start-ups, entrepreneurship programmes and inspirational talks. The initiative benefits the organisations involved in the network and the older adults, empowering and engaging them in the enterprise world.

Sisu 50 to 100


Bravestarters is a platform that enables older people to meet and shadow people to experience the work they are doing. The platform provides workshops for older adults to meet other older adults interested in entrepreneurship and uses scalable technology to provide access to a database of experts who are willing to share insights into the industry and methods to achieve success. 



Diaspo’s vision is to unite generations by rekindling their appreciation and connection to cultural heritage through food. From the comfort of their own kitchens, older adults can be supported to become virtual teachers, hosting live and interactive cooking classes for younger people via a video conferencing platform.



Grandnanny is a new type of childcare service that connects communities. It matches older adults who are looking for rewarding, part-time work with local families who need after-school childcare.Grandnanny


Mirthy has built an online marketplace where retirement homes can search and book inspiring older adult speakers to give engaging talks to their residents and other members of the local community. The ultimate vision is to transition retirement homes into active, social hubs within communities. 

Moving Well

Moving Well is a pioneering, peer-led performance workshop that empowers older adults to engage in entrepreneurship, improves their health and wellbeing and challenges ageism. The series of sessions encourages collaborative creativity and is enhanced by digital technology. Older adults can train to become session facilitators, working with the organisation in a way that responds directly to their interests, skills and wishes. Moving Well


PACE-2-Face is a specially designed video conferencing tool that provides telementoring for older adults on a wide range of topics. The tool incorporates visual, audio, reading and writing elements simultaneously to facilitate and enhance the experience of older adults using the product.


Parlangi connects people from different generations, cultures and nationalities. Younger adults who want to learn a language are matched via the Parlangi app with older adults who are native speakers of that language. Intergenerational, intercultural and international social contact helps to tackle different problems such as loneliness, prejudice and the feeling of being useless.  Parlangi


seniors@work is a new job hunting platform for people who are 60 years-old or more, looking for anything from a role in the finance sector to a childcare position. The older adult is invited to create a profile outlining their key information and skills that businesses can look at and reach out to and organisations can post jobs on the platform that older adults can respond to. Seniors at work


Silverskills is a matchmaking platform that allows older adults to volunteer their skills to carry out tasks and activities for their local community from their own homes or within their neighbourhoods. The platform is designed to boost the social engagement and self-esteem of older adults, overall improving their well-being. Silverskills

Silver Starters

Silver Starters is an online training programme for older adults focused on teaching start-up principles. The programme has been developed with older adults so that the content is specifically tailored to their needs. Adaptive learning has been incorporated into the programme both online and offline to ensure a personalised training experience. Silver Starters

The Beehive

The Beehive is an online platform that connects younger and older adults with a keen interest in but little to no experience in entrepreneurship, to engage in collaborative business projects. The users are matched based on their skills and interests and are given the opportunity to attend workshops, training and mentoring sessions to enhance their knowledge and capabilities. The Beehive

The Care Hub

The Care Hub is a platform that provides dignified work for older adults by connecting them with families in need of care services. The work is flexible and designed around the abilities of the older adults, encouraging entrepreneurship within them and empowering them as productive contributors to the economy. The Care Hub


ThirdA is an online knowledge-sharing ecosystem for creators and learners to engage with the aim to encourage lifelong learning for older adults. Any registered user can choose to teach or learn, enabling them to be active participants of society and contribute to the economy. ThirdA

Third Power Consulting

Third Power Consulting is a platform that gives older adults who had previous careers as senior executives the opportunity to re-engage in entrepreneurship as experienced consultants in other businesses. The platform benefits both older adults and businesses, that will learn from the expertise of the older consultants.  Third Power Consulting