We’re excited to reveal the winners of the Smart Ageing Prize!

The three winners of the Smart Ageing Prize have now been chosen, bringing to a close a fantastic third edition of the challenge prize. The winning ideas are:

First place, winning 35,000 EUR – Diaspo

Diaspo’s vision is to unite generations by rekindling their appreciation and connection to cultural heritage through food. From the comfort of their own kitchens, older adults can be supported to become virtual teachers, hosting live and interactive cooking classes for younger people via a video conferencing platform.

First runner-up, winning 10,000 EUR – Grandnanny

A new type of childcare service that connects communities. It matches older adults who are looking for rewarding, part-time work with local families who need after-school childcare.

Second runner-up, winning 5,000 EUR – Parlangi 

Parlangi connects people from different generations, cultures and nationalities. Younger adults who want to learn a language are matched via the Parlangi app with older adults who are native speakers of that language, to help tackle different problems such as loneliness, prejudice and the feeling of being useless.

Thank you to all the fantastic teams who applied and took part in the Prize!