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Below are some examples of projects and initiatives that are using technology in various ways to empower older adults and connect people across generations. 

While these case studies can be used as a source of inspiration and guidance, they should not limit your ideas. Please see the list of judging criteria for more details on the types of solution being sought by this prize.


Encore, USA


Encore is an age positive non-profit organisation working to harness the talents of older adults to help solve society’s greatest problems, through a portfolio of fellowship programmes, research, events and an online network. The Encore Fellowships Network helps private-sector employees who are approaching retirement transition to careers with social and environmental impact. The programme’s innovative business model matches Fellows with charity and social sector organisations for a high-impact, limited-duration position that is funded by the host organization and external sponsors.

The Encore Public Voices Fellowship is a year-long programme to support and amplify more diverse thought leaders working at the intersection of ageing, longevity, intergenerational connection and social justice. The programme offers Fellows instruction, mentoring, opportunities for peer collaboration, and the chance to work with professional journalists who help them hone and submit op-eds.


Experience@Work, Belgium


Experience@Work is an online platform for sharing senior talent across multiple organisations, enabling older adults to seek new challenges and contribute their experience to the broader workforce, whilst maintaining contact with their original employer. Open opportunities are listed on the online portal, and senior employees within those participating organisations can apply for particular projects that interest them. Through its collaborative approach between employers, the initiative enables seniors to seek out new opportunities for skills development and intergenerational connection, whilst celebrating the entrepreneurial skills and value that older adults can bring to organisations. 


MASTERhora, Germany


MASTERhora is an online platform and career portal that brings together senior experts with organisations and entrepreneurs who are seeking or open to hiring senior talent. The platform also offers online mentoring, online lectures and an online network to support seniors in finding new opportunities in entrepreneurship, employment and membership on advisory boards.


Renegade Generation, UK


Renegade Generation is an age positive start-up offering workshops and an online platform to support older adults into new career choices, flexible roles and entrepreneurship. The platform hosts both a list of age-friendly employers for seniors looking for new work opportunities, as well as offering ageing workforce solutions for employers, including ‘Age Assessments’ that involve collecting and analysing age related data to help organisations improve their age inclusive strategy. Alongside their online offering, Renegade Generation offer in-person workshops for older adults in diverse  and future-focused topics including ‘Become a Drone Pilot’, ‘Become a Blogger’and ‘Staying Relevant with Digital Tools’.


Cirkel, USA


CIRKEL is an online and offline community platform for intergenerational networking, connecting different generations for mutual personal and professional growth. CIRKEL aims to normalise intergenerational friendships and professional networks, and thereby reverse systemic ageism, through culturally relevant programming and networking events. Membership to CIRKEL Up also curates two-way mentorships between talented professionals, matching individual members on a monthly basis via email, to be followed up with in-person mentorship and connection.

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